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for a festive Maple Leaf Touque?

For your donation of $24.95
we would like to offer you the Famous CooltobeCanadian.com Maple Leaf Touque & BONUS I.D. Items
Please indicate large or small (we can't guarantee fit, but will try!) with your name and postal address.

Please make your cheque payable to "Cool to be Canadian",
send to: 933 Station H, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3G 2M9 and allow a few weeks bank processing.
For faster, secure processing, use PayPal!
Please indicate your second choice if supplies run out!

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Exclusively for Canadians traveling in Canada or abroad - add $8.00 shipping and handling to Canadian addresses
The purchase of items for your Cool to be Canadian® I.D. Kit, helps support volunteer services in Canada!

Your kit will contain a selection of BONUS items for Cool to be Canadian members,(as supplies last)

- Military-Style Pin & Butterfly Clasp "Official" Canadian Flag Lapel Pin
- Be, Buy, Boost Canadian 3B ID Sticker Kit
- "Special Prize Inside" - Made in Canada items from companies who support the 3B program.

For Cool to be Canadian I.D. items sent "Oootside" Canada -

For items indicated above, please make your $24.95 U.S. Donation donation by PayPal. (sorry, no cheques accepted for deliveries outside Canada)

Don't forget to indicate brand preferred, and your name and postal address.

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For Canadians with addresses "Oootside" Canada add $12.00 U.S. shipping and handling
Purchase your International Cool to be Canadian® I.D. Kit, and help support the Cool to be Canadian® non-profit organization!

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