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     The Team Canada Polar Bears are selecting players for two Bantam age teams made up of top caliber players to

       represent Alberta in the prestigious Czech World Challenge Cup in Prague, Czech Republic in August 2005.  One         team will be made up of players born in 1991, and will compete in that age group, and the second for those players born in 1990 & 89, who will play in that age group.   Each team will be allowed to carry three overage players.


      How would you like to join Team Canada in an international tournament playing against highly

      competitive players and teams from other Countries.  The 2003 BEARS won GOLD by defeating the Austrian      

      National Team in the Championship game.  2004 Bears won SILVER.


      The Polar Bears, in association with the Northern Alberta All Stars, would like to invite you

      to join us on our  TWO WEEK  2005 European Tournament and tour throughout Germany, Austria,

      The Czech Republic, and possibly Venice Italy or Budapest Hungary. The hockey is great, and the European experience will leave you with many exciting memories. We combine excellent competitive hockey, with a good cultural experience.   Of course mom, dad, and any others are encouraged to come along.  This

      is an experience to be shared.  Participating teams are from The Czech Republic, Slovakia,

      Latvia, Belarus, Russia, Sweden, the USA ,and more.  Not all countries are in each division.


      There will not be any tryouts as the teams are picked by invitation only, to ensure that the teams will

       be competitive.  As the tournament is in August, our practices etc. allow the players to be

       involved with other summer commitments and activities before we leave. THIS IS THE ONLY  


       CUP TOURNAMENT.   Please pass on to any friends or team-mates we may have missed.


For further information please contact Paul or Brenda Schmidt at 780-476-5981.  We already have several                players who have shown interest in joining us, and we are now seeking other qualified players.  It also gives you an opportunity to start fundraising.  Our 2005 Trip Package will be available later, along with the Payment Schedule, pricing may be up slightly depending on the Euro conversion and airline fuel surcharge and the tentative Itinerary for the Tour.  Please contact us for your copy.


       Some previous participants include:  Jim Watt (WHL), Jordie McLaughlin (WHL), and Tim Maxwell (WHL)

       Sean Dersch (AJHL), Kieran Block (WHL), Dion lassu (WHL), Mike Comrie (Phoenix Coyotes) as well

       as numerous other players who were WHL drafted players.  We can provide references for you to contact for their

       impressions regarding the tour, some who have come back for a second and third time


       Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.


       Paul and Brenda Schmidt



       15320-72 Street

       Edmonton Alberta

       T5Z 2Y2   e-mail—   Web site

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